Video marketing is a versatile tool for marketing your hotel.

You have many types of guests staying with you, so you need a variety of videos aimed at your different audiences. Visitors to your hotel love what you offer. With video, you can show them that experience online and encourage more bookings.

Here are some practical ways you can use video to market your hotel to guests.

1) Footage of events

  • Mini interviews with customers
  • How the hotel looks for different events
  • Corporate and personal events

2) Meet the team

  • Make your hotel more human
  • Use your team to explain what the hotel offers
  • Show your staff helping guests

3) Specialist services

  • Demonstrate how versatile the hotel is
  • E.g. Weddings, conferences, parties

4) Room tours

  • Range of rooms
  • Room facilities

5) Virtual tour

  • Lets the viewer choose what parts of the hotel they want to see
  • Give the viewer ideas for how they can use the hotel

6) Educate and answer FAQs

  • Answer common questions
  • Use your hotel team
  • Makes it easier for guests to book online

7) Behind-the-scenes

  • Take customers behind the curtain, E.g. setting up for an event
  • Display your professionalism

8) Create different videos for your website and social media

  • Attract new visitors with short videos on social media
  • Engage website visitors with longer content

9) Link videos to calls to action

  • Use different calls to action
  • E.g. Book Now, Find a Reservation, Contact Us, Send Us a Message, Take a Tour

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