Photo Editing, Image Correction & Retouching

Give a new lease of life to your dull, wonky, uninspiring images, let our photo-editing experts remove any unwanted objects, add in blue skys and generally make your photos look a whole lot better, you may not recognise them after we have finished.

Photo-editing has come a long way and you can now do a vast amount to digital photography with the powerful digital tools we have at our disposal, we have specialist photo-editing staff who will work all sorts of magic into your images. We can remove objects like bins etc, we can add a blue sky to make them feel like they were shot on a sunny day, we can brighten them up to make them much more appealing to the eye and a whole host of professional techniques to make the most of your images.


What Edits Do We Make?

5 Step Enhancement Process

Blue Sky Edit

Blue sky edit transforms the look and feel of a gloomy property image. Using photo editing techniques to remove the often drab and gloomy sky! We blend in a nice blue sky from a library of blue skies we have with white fluffy clouds or clear blue sky depending on the photo, the kind you see on a lovely summers day.

Straighten & Crop

We all know getting that perfect images doesn’t always happen, its easy to not so easy to get the camera completely level when you release the shutter, particularly if your vendor is hanging over your shoulder or the kids are running wild! We can save you customers having to turn their head to look at your property shots by rotating and cropping out the issues and getting things back on the level.

Shadow Lift

Can’t get the right light when shooting a vendors property? Dif you have an extreme contrast from the sun or focused the camera on a bright light source like a window causing your image to be overexposed.
We can edit your photos by increasing their luminosity, tweaking the exposure, contrast, highlight and shadow levels making the best use of your images!

Sharpen Clarity

We can’t perform miracles and fix overly blurred photos, but we can add a nice crisp finishing touch to a well taken set of images. Using a tripod during your property shoots will help no end to the sharpness of your images.

We enhance the lines in your images by sharpening the pixels. It’s very subtle and you may not even notice it but a keen eye will! Nice sharp images look the part on a large screen, especially when viewing online.

Colour Boost

We use selective colour changes to transform dull and boring images into beautiful vibrant property shots that stand in online listings grabbing attention from any potential buyers searching online property portals.

Object Removal

Get rid of those unwanted objects from your photos

You get the gist by now. Our modern day techniques can digitally paint out anything you don’t want with a few expert waves of our magic wand. Scaffolding, skips, pets, hosepipes, reflections, your shadow… the list goes on. Simply let us know anything you don’t want displayed in your shots and we can remove it adding in a new background digitally.