Video marketing is an effective tool for your manufacturing business.
You can show the quality of your products and the efficiency of your production process. As well as answer questions from your customers.
But you need a business case to justify this investment.
Read on to find out how video marketing can benefit your manufacturing business.


1) Boost the Results of Your Digital Marketing

The best way to start with videos is to boost your digital marketing.

Blog Articles

Visitors to your blog are likely to stay longer if your articles include a video as well as the written article. You can show your products and processes through video in a way that is not possible with only words or images.

Social Media

Videos are ideal for social media to build your brand image and your profile.
They can catch people’s attention, particularly as many platforms automatically play videos.


Videos can also enhance your email newsletters. With a variety of media, you can make your newsletters more interesting. As well as increase the number of people who click through to your website.


2) Build a Content Marketing Strategy with Professional Videos

Beyond outright promotion, videos also work well for content marketing. In fact, 67% of UK marketers use video for content marketing.
Content marketing for manufacturers is becoming much more common. The Content Marketing Institute found that 66% of manufacturing marketers have increased their use of video compared to the previous year.
With content marketing, you inform your customers about the subjects that matter to them. So the best content to create is what they find helpful and valuable. But how do you know what video content to create?
The most effective approach is to answer the key questions that your customers ask you.
If you share your knowledge through helpful videos, you’ll grow your audience of potential customers.
This helps to raise your profile and build trust with them. When the time is right for them to do business, you’ll already be visible to them. Also, you’ll have built your credibility through the content you’ve created and shared.


3) Enhance Your Traditional Marketing with Videos

Digital marketing is not the only place you can use videos.
Videos can also enhance your traditional marketing through conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. A professional video can be a key element for promotional events.
When you exhibit at a trade show, a video will add a dynamic element to your stand and bring your conversations to life. More than brochures alone.
Beforehand, you can promote the event and your stand with videos. Use them to encourage customers and contacts to visit you.
At the event, you can create new videos. Film visitors to your stand, speeches by your staff or interviews with delegates.

Also, if your company runs a workshop or even sponsors the event you’ll want to capture it on video. In which case, it makes sense to hire a video professional to film the event.

After the event, you’ll have a series of videos to showcase your role at the event and to promote future ones too.

Here’s an example of a promotional video from HWL Trade Frames Limited which could be used on a trade show stand.


4) Use Videos as an Effective Tool for Your Sales Process

Video can improve how you run your sales process.
In fact, some of the best results happen when you use videos with your existing sales techniques. Imagine the impact of using videos in your sales presentations. Your audience will see and hear much more than with a set of static slides.
Videos give customers the experience of walking around your site. As well as seeing your production process in operation before they visit.
If you’re having a sales conversation you can bring a video into it to support the key points. Or to highlight parts of your processes that will interest your customer.
When you follow-up, videos can answer questions or add extra information to your initial conversation.

Greyhound Box created this video to show customers how they work.


5) The Ideal Way to Present Your Customer Success Stories

Our brains are wired to trust the human face. So it’s no surprise that video testimonials work so well. Your customers can watch and hear others talk about their positive experience with you. Which in turn can persuade them that you’re the right manufacturer to work with.
The more your customers relate to the people in the videos, the bigger the impact they have.

If you can expand the testimonial into a case study you’ll get even more benefit.
With a case study, you’re able to tell the story of how you helped a customer overcome their problem. Then show the positive results you helped them achieve. The video can include key people you’ve worked with as well as film of you working with them.
Your customers benefit too as it’s a great way to raise their profile.
These testimonials or case studies can then be used in many different ways. From your website to your trade show stand.

In Summary

There is a wide range of videos that work as marketing for manufacturers. From promotional videos and explainers to customer testimonials. To get the most benefit, remember to use videos in your traditional sales and marketing, as well as online.

When you fully plan how to use your videos, you’ll then get the best return on investment from your video marketing.

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