Video and Social Marketing for your business

Social media has transformed the way buyers search for products and services. Traditionally, word-of-mouth referrals and references were the key to obtaining new clients.

Today’s conversations, research and buying decisions all take place online which is why a strong social media presence, coupled with an easy to understand video marketing strategy is no longer optional for businesses. It’s essential.

We have created a range of comprehensive packages tailored to each sector. These are just our recommendations based on work we have done with our clients in each sector who have purchased our video marketing packages. If you want to create your own package or have ideas you want to speak to us about, that is not a problem, simply get in touch we would be happy to tailor something to your business or you maybe in a sector we haven’t worked with yet… Awesome!


No matter how niche a sector your business is in we can work with you to create a package that will maximise your online engagement and reach. Please contact us for a no obligation chat on how we can help.


Product Explainers

If you have a new, difficult to explain or sophisticated product or service then there is no easier way to convey its features and benefits to customers than by way of a video.



Show off your business location, grounds and main features with a stunning video (can include drone).



A simple piece to camera video is highly effective in engaging with your audience and offering useful tips to showcase your knowledge in your chosen sector.

Other Sectors Package

£999Exc VAT
£999Exc VAT
  • Videos included in the package
    Photo album can be included for extra charge.
  • Testimonials x?
  • Meet the team x?
  • Case study x?
  • Product explainers x?
  • Customer journey x?
  • FAQ x?
    Video can be included for extra charge.
  • Teasers x?
    Video can be included for extra charge.
  • Location x?
    Video can be included for extra charge.
  • Training x?
    Video can be included for extra charge.
  • Hints/Tips/Blogs x?
    Video can be included for extra charge.
  • Food Examples x?
    Video can be included for extra charge.
  • Reputation Management x2*
    Find out more about this offer

*What is your reputation worth to you?

The 2 reputation management videos included in your bundle price form part of our reputation management special offer for your business. If you take up one of our bundles you will receive 6 months FREE use of this ground breaking reputation software management product. There is no obligation to take up this offer or continue after the free trial is over. For more details about the software this visit OUT MORE