Visual Eyes has teamed up with a reputation management company to give all our customers a very special offer.

All Visual Eyes customers that order any of our Video Bundles will quality for 6 months free membership to Valued Customer worth up to £693


Reach customers with a few clicks with Valued Customer

What Is Your Reputation Worth To You?

In the modern age, more consumers research products and services online for reviews and social proof before making a decision. In order to attract more of these consumers than your competition, you must first have a system in place to request feedback from existing customers and then to manage and respond to their reviews.

Our service allows businesses to do just that, broken down into 3 main functions:


Our software gives you the ability to reach out to your customers using SMS and email, our unique video section allows you to include a thank you video, giving a very personal and positive experience to customers using your company.


All positive reviews about your product, brand or service can be shared easily by your customers, increasing trust and loyalty through social proof.


All negative feedback is ring fenced in our software delivering a personalised apology message to dissatisfied customers. This gives you the chance to turn negative feedback into a positive feedback before it is shared. 7 Out Of 10 Consumers Will Return To A Business If Their Concern Is Resolved Quickly.

What is your reputation worth to you?

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