So what’s your video marketing strategy?


Making a video for your homepage and that’s it?

Putting all your videos on YouTube?

Making the next Dollar Shave Club viral video?


To build a solid video marketing strategy for 2019 and beyond might feel daunting though it doesn’t have to be. Here I will explain why incorporating video doesn’t mean starting over – in fact, it could make marketing your business easier and more effective.


Integrate video marketing into your current strategy

The key is to fit video content into your current planned campaign. Consistency of message across all platforms and combining video within this is simple and will help you to achieve a deeper connection with your targeted audience and, of course, help with that all-important SEO!

Maximise your existing content

Analytics are your first port of call when assessing your existing campaign, offering a good indication of what’s working and what needs to be worked on. Working with us we can offer advice on how to boost or retarget existing marketing and show where video can be used to enhance your current offering.

Be Consistent

With video, as with all kinds of marketing, consistency is key. Long gone are the days where a single overarching promo video would suffice. Regular video content will ensure that you remain front of mind for your customers when they come to need the product or service you provide. This is far more cost effective than most businesses think, we offer a one-day social media shorts package whereby we film multiple short videos that are then rolled over up to six months. Our current record is 26 videos in one day!

Show and Shareable

Demonstrating the value of your product or service in an immersive way is much more likely to produce a positive reaction than simply listing the benefits. Giving hints, tips or advice or educating your audience makes it far more likely that, a) your content will be shared and b) that the viewer will remember you and your business.

Videos such as product demonstration, ‘how-tos’ and tutorials are great options for businesses that want to secure a more meaningful connection with their audience.

Get social!

Social media is now the number one way of getting your message out there and fast! If you want to secure reach for your video, be it on twitter, Instagram, facebook or Linkedin then getting people to share it is essential. Social Media videos experience a significantly higher level of engagement and sharing on social platforms compared with text and image – making it THE most powerful way to maximise your presence online.

Keep your videos short, and if possible tailor them to your target audience giving them something to think about!

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