We can provide the full solution for your needs we offer photography, editing and software services, and have both the photographic & technical skills required to take your Panoramics from concept to stunning online presence.

Our standard virtual property tours include photography of up to 10 rooms, a customised virtual tour with standard interactions including, hotspots, website links, floor plans and much more. All our tours are rendered in flash and html5 so you can be sure they can be seen on PC, smartphone, tablet and android devices – flash and IOS supported.

Our 360° fully integrated Virtual Tours can include features such as animated hotspots, floorplans, logos and branding, embedded videos, photos, audio tours or soundtracks – giving you more opportunities to inform and entice your customers.

Example Virtual Tours

Stunning New Build

Hotel & Wedding Venue

3 Bed Semi Detached


Simple website integration

Once we have completed photographing the space, editing, stitching & rendering, we create a simple link for each tour that contains all the code needed to display a tour for each of the formats (flash, html5).

So you can simply copy the link onto your website and the 360 tour will open up in the user’s browser or you can add it directly to your web page by an IFRAME using the link we provide. When a visitor loads this page, our software works out which format should be used. Tours look amazing on all devices but, there are some restrictions on additional features that may not show on certain devices.


On Site Photography

We visit the property at a convenient time to you

Speed and Quality

Our Dual lens HDR camera will capture a full 360 of the room in seconds

Tour Creation

We convert the captured images into a fully interactive, 360 degree virtual tour

Published Online

We will provide you with a link and the code required to display the virtual tour online


Virtual Tour Features and Addons



Hotspots are areas that allow us to create interactions in a virtual tour. With hotspots, it’s possible to create links between shots, display a photo, open an external website, display contextual information and animations and more. Hotspots are especially useful in customising your virtual tours. There are several types of hotspots (polygonal, rectangular, pinpoint) adapted for each type of interaction.


Web Links

We can place web links onto a hotspot. With a single click it will open a new web browser tab/window and display the desired website. This is very useful for redirecting visitors to external content or for directing users to a link on your website; a booking system link, additional information, brochures, pdfs, youtube videos in fact anything you can think of.


Your Branding

Your company logo can be displayed to your visitors when playing a tour, the tour will display your logo inside the viewing window, the logo can be fixed in the viewer or can be part of the tour and placed on the floor or ceiling when a user looks up and down. We can also edit the tour to match your company branding and colours.


Add Video

We can integrate video and images into your virtual tours. You could even embed them into the content have a video playing on the TV in a room. Alternatively, we can also load images and play videos when a user clicks on a hotspot – useful for displaying hi-res images within your tour, or displaying photographs of areas too small to generate a tour for.


Floor Plans

Floor plans or property maps are a great way of enhancing your virtual tour interface, within each ‘plan’. We will embed multiple hotspots; and a radar display showing the users orientation within each area, this helps your client fully visualise a location – and understand the layout far better than using static photographs alone


VR View

Experience any of our 360 tours in 3D Virtual Reality mode directly inside the browser. We include in each tour the ability to view in VR using a dedicated Head Mounted Display like the Oculus Rift or by using mobile devices with VR-Headsets like Google Cardboard, Gear VR or similar.

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